You are the journalist

Building news together

nwzer aims to be the first globally operating, high-end citizen journalism platform. Why? Because nwzer believes that everyone, regardless of beliefs, gender, race or location, should be able to participate in the global discussion. To make that happen, nwzer builds tools that helps us participate and connect.

Are we idealistic? You bet!

Citizen Journalism

nwzer is an Artificial Intelligence powered citizen journalism platform. It uses the power of AI to aggregate, interpret and semantically construct news, sentiment and collaboration. nwzer reaches out to existing social media and actively discovers news as it happens and connects to and with people and sources who contribute, whether is be actively or passively, consciously or accidentally.

Citizen journalism has existed for more than a decade. However, it never really succeeded in the same sense as redacted journalism did; the quality produced appeared to be low and citizen journalism as a whole never proved to be commercially viable. nwzer takes a different approach that results in a truly active and collaborative citizen journalism ecosphere, complete with a viable commercial component! It's in a sense, the pinnacle of true open digital news.

User generated content without as hassle

nwzer recognizes a trend where people who are connected to the internet feel the need to voice themselves. (like, really voice themselves) They do that in a fashion that is most suitable to them, or the situation they are (caught up) in. nwzer does not want to force you into a form or platform, avoiding unnecessary burden. nwzer believes that by taking advantage of existing social media outlets, it constructs citizen journalism with your consent. We want you to connect to nwzer. And we want that to be as easy as it gets. Just do what you would normally do on the internet and let us worry about all the data crunching.

nwzer facilitates citizen journalism as a result of social media participation and nwzer lets you decide how actively involved you want to become.

Let’s build a truly independent press agency together

It is believed that the wisdom of crowds can generate better and more accurate data than a single 'expert' can do on its own. Just as Wikipedia is a better encyclopedia than its renowned competitors, together, we can potentially create a better news agency than the Reuters and Bloombergs out there.

nwzer facilitates a high-end press agency as a result of citizen journalism and we want you to take the lead!

What's in it for me?

Good question! It goes both ways. We strongly believe in a truly open and decentralized internet. News should be part of this. We like to challenge the existing traditional media. We believe that, together with you, we can build the first user generated press agency. If that doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what does!

Next to being part of this web pioneering, you will have access to high quality (breaking) news, background stories, trend (analysis) and other interesting insights.